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作词 : Def Tech

作曲 : Def Tech/Nagacho/Hamuro

We're taking everybody in the world by storm

Causing such a ruckus with no way to be warned

Leaving on a jet plane cuz it's what we do

True to the loving of this life, it's you

Each and everyone acting for themselves right now

Cuz we're moving to the beat of a nice tight crowd now

We leave it all behind cuz we know it's all a dream

子どもの頃は無敵だった 何も恐れるものはなかったはずだ

嫌な事あっても寝れば忘れた ひどい事言われても朝忘れてた

いつからか不安がよぎった いつのまにか疑い始めた

大人になるって昨日の事までも 引きずりながらいく事なのか?

Don't think twice, just act nice

Bring the spice, no price

A great heist, big surprise

Role the dice, just smile

Link with Skype, fly the sky

Take your slice, your style

There's no time, check the rhyme

You can shine, don't believe the hype