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Supported by TJR, Chuckie, Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike, D.O.N.S + heaps of nice Australian DJ's.

Komes is 5'11 with sandy blonde hair and piercing green eyes. He enjoys the occasional glass of chardonnay with dinner, before a relaxing dessert by the pool. He remains active by participating in lacrosse and polo and was awarded a Commendation Medal for Brave Conduct, for his acts of bravery by The Governor-General(legit). When he isn't saving lives, he can be found practicing his passion in clubs around the country, his wonderful technique of mixing songs together sets him apart from the other DJs, who also mix songs together.

He feels that sometimes songs should be better, so he often makes his own, then plays them - people like that.

He made a loud entrance with THIS IS HOW FKING BABIES ARE MADE, reaching #5 in the Beatport House Charts, #22 in ARIA Club Charts, Rocking support from Chuckie on his Dirty Dutch radio show & Dimitri Vegas & Like Mike at Tomorrowland ad well as featuring on Ministry of Sounds Maximum Bass Compilation, His second original, SPARTA hit #17 in the ARIA Club Charts & his most recent release with Bombs Away, APPLE JUICE & VODKA went #10 on iTunes, hit Top40 on Beatport EH & #25 on ARIA Club Charts in its first week.


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