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Johnny Mathis

John RoyceJohnnyMathis(生于1935年9月30日)是美国流行音乐的歌手。他以单打标准音乐开始他的职业生涯,他作为一名专辑艺术家变得非常受欢迎,他的几十张专辑获得金牌或白金奖,而73张专辑获得了Billboard排行榜。根据吉尼斯音乐榜历史学家Paul Gambacini的说法,Johnny Mathis在全球销售了超过3.6亿张唱片,使Mathis成为20世纪第三大销售艺术家。 Mathis已获得格莱美终身成就奖,并已入选格莱美名人堂,进行三次独立录制。

虽然他经常被描述为浪漫歌手,但他的唱片包括传统的流行音乐,巴西和西班牙音乐,灵魂,节奏和布鲁斯,演唱曲目,Tin Pan Alley,软摇滚,蓝调,乡村音乐,甚至还有一些迪斯科歌曲。专辑Mathis Magic于1979年出版.Mathis也录制了六张圣诞音乐专辑。在1968年的一次采访中,Mathis引用了Lena Horne,Nat King Cole和Bing Crosby的音乐影响。

John Royce "Johnny" Mathis (born September 30, 1935) is an American singer of popular music. Starting his career with singles of standard music, he became highly popular as an album artist, with several dozen of his albums achieving gold or platinum status and 73 making the Billboard charts to date. According to Guinness Music Chart historian Paul Gambacini, Johnny Mathis has sold well over 360 million records worldwide making Mathis the third biggest selling artist of the 20th century. Mathis has received the Grammy Lifetime Achievement Award and has been inducted into the Grammy Hall of Fame for three separate recordings.

Although he is frequently described as a romantic singer, his discography includes traditional pop, Brazilian and Spanish music, soul, rhythm and blues, show tunes, Tin Pan Alley, soft rock, blues, country music, and even a few disco songs for his album Mathis Magic in 1979. Mathis has also recorded six albums of Christmas music. In a 1968 interview, Mathis cited Lena Horne, Nat King Cole, and Bing Crosby among his musical influences.


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