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Headhunterz, formerly known as Nasty D-Tuners, is a Dutch DJ/producer team, consisting of Willem Rebergen (born 12 September 1985) and Bobby van Putten. Their own label Scantraxx Reloaded is a sublabel of Scantraxx. Nowadays Headhunterz only features Willem Rebergen.

At the age of nine, Rebergen sang in a children's choir that recorded several CDs. One year later, he started voice acting. Rebergen to date still does voice acting. He gained his first major experience as a DJ at Defqon 1, a huge hardstyle event in the Netherlands, where he was discovered by The Prophet.

Since then, Headhunterz has played at every major hardstyle event, including Defqon 1, Qlimax, Q-Base, In Qontrol, Decibel and many more. He played live at Qlimax in 2006, 2007, 2008, and 2009. In 2007 his track, The Power of The Mind, was the Qlimax Anthem. He also produced the anthem for Defqon 1 2009 with the track Scrap Attack, and again for Defqon 1 2010 (Australia) with Save Your Scrap for Victory. In 2006 he formed his own sub-label, Scantraxx Reloaded.

In 2008 he released an album together with Wildstylez, under the alias Project One. This album was very well received in the hardstyle world, and in turn was followed up with a tour across Netherlands.[2]

In 2010, Headhunterz was ranked 36th in Dj Magazines yearly top 100 DJ's. It was the first year any hardstyle DJ made it into the top 100. As well as that, hardstyle artists D-Block & S-TE-FAN ranked 73rd, Noisecontrollers 90th and Showtek 91st. This made Headhunterz the #1 Hard Dance DJ of 2010.[3]


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