Hans Koller

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Hans Koller



Hans Koller

hans koller, born in landshut, germany nov 1970, resident in london since 1991.

very loosely related in selected affinity to the late austrian saxophonist and artist hans koller, this younger version has played football with clubs such as tsv oberlauringen and dynamo kebab, has studied ethnomusicology at the school of oriental and african studies, and also jazz composition with mike gibbs and bob brookmeyer.

over the past decade hans koller has played and worked with chris batchelor, evan parker, steve lacy, phil woods, harry becket, kenny wheeler, bill frisell, steve swallow, jeff williams, the bbc big band, the ndr big band, and the wdr big band.

he has recorded three big band albums, new memories, london ear, and scenic routes as well as small group work, most recently a trio with paul clarvis and mark hodgson playing german lullabies, entitled mond & sternlein.

a new record with his quartet with francois theberge is forthcoming.

hans koller is part of the jazz department at birmingham conservatoire where he teaches composition, arranging, repertoire and jazz history.


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