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Gucci Mane

It’s said that art mirrors life. In hip-hop’s case, there’s always been a deliberate entanglement of perception and reality. Fans demand their MCs be real…but never too real. Successful hip-hop is about the hint of the danger, the tease of it, the mystique. Hip-hop is about balance.

Gucci Mane is an artist striving for that balance, volatility versus musicality. Controversy, including a feud with former collaborator Young Jeezy, has grabbed the headlines, with insufficient regard paid to his considerable mic skills, raw talent, and business acumen. Gucci is looking to wrest his name from public speculation and let his own words do the talking.

I wish everybody well who’s making money in this rap game, the Atlanta-raised rapper says, dismissing the controversy that followed him in the past. My own rap game is going so good, I’ve got so many things on my plate at my label, that I don’t got time for other people’s business. With a deal with Asylum Records as the boss of his own label, So Icey Entertainment, Gucci does indeed have a full schedule with no time to dwell on the past.

I live my life with no regrets. I just wish that a lot of things never happened, but anybody can wish, says Gucci. Sounds like a man with his eyes on the prize.


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