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Gilbert is the performance name of Matthew Gilbert Linley, a London-based composer and musician. He is also the drummer in Engineers with Ulrich Schnauss.

Linley grew up in south-east London, England.

He began playing the drums at an early age and then went on to study classical music and composition at Oriel College, Oxford University and Goldsmith's College. After a period of writing soundtracks for film and television he began writing under the Gilbert moniker.

An eponymously-named debut Gilbert album completed in 2007 received excellent reviews and extensive national radio airplay, gaining a digital release soon after on the independent record label, Shifty Disco Records.

In 2010, the latest Gilbert album, Wahoola!, was released. About the new record Linley wrote: " I wanted 'Wahoola!' to more obviously feature the talents of the people who have been performing the first album live.....especially Maud Waret's vocals and Brian Lee's violin-playing".


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