Frankie Miller

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Frankie Miller



Frankie Miller

Frankie Miller (born Francis John Miller, 2 November 1949, Bridgeton, Glasgow, Scotland) is a Scottish rock singer-songwriter and vocalist, who had his biggest success in the 1970s. Miller was raised at Colvend Street, Glasgow with his parents, Kathy and Frank, and elder sisters Letty and Anne. He attended Sacred Heart Primary school. He was an altar boy in Sacred Heart Chapel. He also played football for the school team and Harmony Row Boys Club.

He wrote for and performed with many recording artists and is best known for his album Full House, the single "Darlin'" and his duet on "Still in Love with You", with Phil Lynott. In an article published in Rolling Stone magazine in 1978 Bob Seger remarked that Miller "was a huge influence" on him.


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