David Young

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David Young



David Young

Born in 1949 in London. From the 60s on, he plays with numerous bands, and works as live-mixer with artists such as Country Joe McDonald, The Incredible String Band, David Bowie and Duke Ellington.

The 1970s lead him to New York, where he studies sound engineering and becomes a collaborator of former Velvet Underground member John Cale. He plays in John Cale's band from 1980 to 1985, and co-produces four of his albums.

In 1987 he moves back to London, where he produces with John Cale the album "Try to be Mensch" by Berlin band Element of Crime. Since then, David Young collaborates with the band as producer, and since 1993 as live-guitarist. He also works as producer for other artists, such as Alexander Veljanow (Deine Lakaien) or "La Nouvelle Polyphonie Corse". In 2002, he replaces Christian Hartje as permanent bass guitar player for Element of Crime.


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