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DJ Disciple

David Banks以他的舞台名称DJ Disciple而闻名,他是来自纽约纽约布鲁克林的美国DJ和家庭音乐制作人。1994年,他的单曲On the Dancefloor登上英国单曲榜,达到#67 。 2002年,他凭借单曲Caught Up在美国Billboard Hot Dance Club Play排行榜上名列第一。这首歌也在Showtime电视连续剧Queer as Folk的一集中占据了显着位置。

2006年,他在他的Catch 22 Recordings唱片公司发行了他的单曲Work It Out,其中包括Dawn Tallman。 Work It Out在英国House Trained Records上重新发行,并在MTV上播出后,在BBC Radio 1上播放。2008年,Changes发布,与David Tort和DJ合作Ruff和单曲留在Beatport数字前三名下载两个月。

2010年,DJ Disciple与顶级西班牙制片人Javi Mula合作演出了Sexy Lady。 '性感女郎'视频获得西班牙最佳'舞蹈剪辑视频'。 2011年12月,DJ Disciple与Jan&Solo合作U Know My Steez。这首歌成为推广Pioneer Corporation产品'Steez'的成功产品。 2012年2月,Disciple与Albert Neve合作演出了Drmper Room,其中包括Dru Hepkins。 Joachim Garraud立即选择了这首曲目进行混音,并得到了Chuckie的大力支持。

David Banks, better known by his stage name DJ Disciple, is an American DJ and house music producer from Brooklyn, New York City, New York.In 1994, his single "On the Dancefloor" reached the UK Singles Chart, peaking at #67. In 2002, he reached #1 on the US Billboard Hot Dance Club Play Chart with his single "Caught Up". The song was also featured prominently in an episode of the Showtime television series Queer as Folk.

In 2006, his released his single, "Work It Out" featuring Dawn Tallman, under his Catch 22 Recordings label. "Work It Out" was re-released on House Trained Records in the UK, and after appearing on MTV, was play-listed on BBC Radio 1. In 2008, "Changes" was released, which was a collaboration with David Tort and DJ Ruff, and the single stayed on the Beatport digital top three downloads for two months.

In 2010, DJ Disciple collaborated with top Spanish Producer Javi Mula on Sexy Lady. "'Sexy Lady" video received The Best 'Dance ClipVideo' in Spain. In December 2011, DJ Disciple collaborated with Jan & Solo on "U Know My Steez". The song became a successful product tool to promote the Pioneer Corporation product 'Steez'. In Feb 2012, Disciple collaborated with Albert Neve on "Romper Room" featuring Dru Hepkins. The track was immediately picked up by Joachim Garraud for a remix and was supported heavily by Chuckie.


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