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Cliff Edwards



Cliff Edwards

Clifton Avon Edwards(1895年6月14日 - 1971年7月17日) - 被称为Ukulele Ike - 是一位美国音乐家,歌手,演员和配音演员,在20世纪20年代和30年代初享有相当的知名度,专注于爵士乐的演出。 流行标准和新颖的曲调。 1929年,他在雨中歌唱中获得了第一名。他在职业生涯的后期也为动画片做过声音,最出名的是在迪士尼的Pinocchio(1940年)和Jizy Cricket的声音。 Fancy Free(1947)。

Clifton Avon Edwards (June 14, 1895 – July 17, 1971) — known as "Ukulele Ike" — was an American musician, singer, actor and voice actor, who enjoyed considerable popularity in the 1920s and early 1930s, specializing in jazzy renditions of pop standards and novelty tunes. He had a number-one hit with "Singin' in the Rain" in 1929. He also did voices for animated cartoons later in his career, and is best known as the voice of Jiminy Cricket in Walt Disney's Pinocchio (1940) and Fun and Fancy Free (1947).


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