Clark Terry

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Clark Terry



Clark Terry


Clark Terry (born December 14, 1920) is an American swing and bop trumpeter, a pioneer of jazz on the flugelhorn, educator and NEA Jazz Masters induced. Tee Pee Time BY Clark Terry Terry Clark was born in St. Louis, Missouri. He attended Vashon High School there and began his musical career in 1940 playing in local clubs before joining a group of the Navy during World War II. Then he played with Charlie Barnet (1947), Count Basie (1948-1951), Duke Ellington (1951-1959) and Quincy Jones (1960). He also played and recorded regularly, both as leader and accompanist. In total, his career in jazz spans more than sixty years.His years of Basie and Ellington in 1940 and in 1950 founded his jazz artist worldwide. Combining the tone of St. Louis of his youth with a contemporary voice hit Terry generation. During this period Terry took part in a series of suites of Ellington and received a standing reputation for its wide range of styles (from swing to hard bop), technical expertise and contagious good humor. In addition, his outstanding musical contribution of these groups, Terry has had a positive impact on musicians like Miles Davis and Quincy Jones, both of whom credit Clark as a huge impact on the early stages of their careers. (Terry Davis was informally taught when they were in St Louis).


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