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Keb' Mo'



Keb' Mo'

Kevin Roosevelt Moore(生于1951年10月3日),被称为Keb'Mo',是美国布鲁斯音乐家和四次格莱美奖得主。 他是一位歌手,吉他手和词曲作者,住在田纳西州的纳什维尔。 他被描述为通往密西西比河和整个美国大陆的开创性三角洲布鲁斯的生动联系。 他的后现代布鲁斯风格受到许多时代和流派的影响,包括民谣,摇滚,爵士,流行和乡村。 绰号Keb Mo由他的原创鼓手Quentin Dennard创造,并被他的唱片公司称为他的名字的街头谈话缩写。

Kevin Roosevelt Moore (born October 3, 1951), known as Keb' Mo', is an American blues musician and four-time Grammy Award winner. He is a singer, guitarist, and songwriter, living in Nashville, Tennessee. He has been described as "a living link to the seminal Delta blues that travelled up the Mississippi River and across the expanse of America". His post-modern blues style is influenced by many eras and genres, including folk, rock, jazz, pop and country. The moniker "Keb Mo" was coined by his original drummer, Quentin Dennard, and picked up by his record label as a "street talk" abbreviation of his given name.